Norshel Centre supports adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

Vocational Day Program

Norshel undertakes various contracts that range from basic packaging to more complex tasks such as collating and assembly. Norshel prides itself in being able to offer a wide variety of different work skills. As well as learning work skills, individuals have an opportunity to enhance their social, decision-making, and communication skills.

Our Vocational Program is an individualized program that offers vocational training within Norshel’s Facility. The program will support the individual’s desire to be involved in a vocational training program. The program will attempt to teach and improve vocational skills, pro-social behaviour, decision-making skills, and communication skills. The program will address the participants need for specific training.

We also have off-site vocational oppurtunities at sites such as Winnipeg Havest, Concordia Hospital and Victoria Hospital.